Yesterday an old friend (Hi Mark) asked if I'd still got copies of some work we did together on a project called Weird about 20 years ago (20 years... wow, that went fast)

Weird was a 'edutainment CD-ROM' - a sort of cross between a video game and an interactive book about weird stuff. You explored a strange environment, clicking on anything that looked interesting to reveal a video interview, narrated slideshow or just a text based story.

I dug through my old backup discs and was surprised to find I could still open them and access all the files - I had to do a bit of file conversion (who remembers PICT files) and was surprised at how small there were: 640 x 480. Even phones have MUCH bigger screens today :)

Anyway, the process bought back a lot of happy memories so thought I'd present some of the weird and wonderful work I found.