Apple Pencil test

I grew up up drawing the old fashioned way - pens, pencil and paper. Then the Mac came along and over the years less and less of my work involved 'real' illustration as everything has become digital. But still my desk is strewn with sheets of paper covered in notes, doodles and sketches. Every website design, every logo, everything, starts with a piece of paper and a pen.

In an effort to save the planet's trees and declutter my desk, I've tried just about every digital stylus available: Wacom, Adonit, Pencil by FiftyThree etc. You name it and I've wasted my money on it. But finally something has come along that might just change that...

Apple's imaginatively titled Pencil (thank God it wasn't the iPencil) combined with my iPad Pro has effectively replaced my real pad and pencil. I just create a page in the Notes app for each project and store all the relevant notes, sketches, links etc. there - much easier to manage than a pile of post-it notes and scraps of paper and it's available to me wherever I am.

To prove that Apple's Pencil is a capable replacement for a real pencil and paper (and that I'm a true geek at heart) here's a little something I prepared earlier - a quick drawing of Batman progressing from initial sketch to slightly more finished sketch. The pencil is responsive, the palm rejection is awesome and best of all, there's an undo command.